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2014 Members

Zone Club 2014 Members


The RSCC Board of Directors wishes to thank the following for their support.


“Zone Gold Members”:

Ross and Donna Jones


“Zone Silver Members”:

Jim and Becky Marzeski

Marston and Geri Erwin

Ray and Connie Nassar

Scott and Ronette Wiley

Larry and Carol Frigault

Faith E. Gay and Francesca Zambello


“Zone Bronze Members”:

Georgene C. Hawe

Dave and Ann Marie Gelfuso

James Jordan Associates, Architects

Dan and Erika Myers

Lani King

Rosalie Wadsworth

Donna Walsh

Joanne Belcourt

Jackie Hinckley

Richfield Springs Lions Club

Fred and Carla Eckler

Jac and Barbara Gnirrep

Penny and Ray Harrington

Fran and Bonnie Enjem

Fred R. Ames & Son Insurance – Larry & Diane Jouben

Richfield Springs MacDonald’s

CanadaragoLake Improvement Association


“Zone Members”:

Ken and Shirley Dreis

Skip’s Garage – Butler Quintin

Glen and Karen Greenwood

Remington Federal Credit Union

Barbara Petersen

Marcia and Glenn Armstrong

Huxtable Haven B & B – Bill and Kate Huxtable

Robert Gardner

Frank Guilbault

James Noone

Dale and Ed Marzeski

Jim and Polly Renckens

Susan E. Rosengrant

Terijo and Matthew Climenhaga

Robert J. Barra


“Zone Friend”:

Janet Bobnick

Irvin and Monica Peters

Jane Skiffington

Harold and Karen Dunlap

Dr. Donald Knapp, O.D.

Les and Beverly Olmsted

Jeannies Dream Motel – Jean Barnum

Paul Palumbo

Richfield Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

Adeline Tanner

Better Homes & Transport

Terry and Barbara Crandall

Tally Ho Restaurant – Heather Teachout

Cathy L’Hommedieu