In 1999, a concerned group of Richfield Spring’s parents founded the non-profit Zone Youth Center to address challenges facing the children of the community. Their goal was and still is to establish a positive environment where the youth of Richfield Springs can thrive. “The Zone” moved from rental facility to rental facility until it was decided to work toward a permanent home for the organization. With much planning by the many dedicated volunteers and the generous help of the community, we were able to construct a building on the corner of Walnut and Ann Street. We moved into our new facility during the summer of 2009. The Zone Youth now have a permanent home. Time brought not only growth; but, change….in regard to the expansion of our programs. In addition to the Zone Youth Program and the T Zone, the Center offers Stories Come Alive, Community Fun Night/Day and SOUPer Seniors, as well as sponsoring many community activities that would engage the youth, their families and older
adults. We have transitioned into a central hub for those locally as well as those in surrounding communities!

Mission Statement: To empower individuals with educational, emotional and social life skills through effective programming, enabling the family unit to become stronger, ultimately creating a thriving community.

Vision Statement: Continually providing quality programs and services that foster positive change.