The RSCC Board wishes to thank the following for their support.

“Zone Gold Members”:

Ross and Donna Jones

“Zone Silver Members”:

Marston and Geri Erwin
Larry and Carol Frigault
Donna S. Walsh

“Zone Bronze Members”:

Frank and Geraldine Kranitz
Raymond and Constance Nassar
Ray and Penny Harrington
Jac and Barbara Gnirrep
Lani King
James and Margaret Fallon
Jackie Hinckley
Barbara Petersen
Robert and Irene Gardner
Johannes DeWaal
Ann Zimmerman
John and Sara Connolly
Henry and Debbie Chartoff
Jane Feisthamel and Mary Margaret Snyder
Richfield Springs Lions Club
David and Ann Marie Gelfuso
Jorge and Emily Pino
Rod and Barbara Sluyter
Wendy Miller and Pat Wiley
Georgene C. Hawe
Dan LaBarge
David and Linda Ehlers
Assemblyman Bill Magee
Andela Products – Cynthia Andela
Lucy Forrester

“Zone Member”:

Edward and Mary Marzeski
Cathy Miller
Therijo Climenhaga